Best 4 hooks for river fishing

Fishing in rivers is so fun and easy but there are some fishes like Brook trout, creek chub, Sculpin, Minnows, and a long list when they see the hook go down to the water they eat the bait and let the hook empty, when you withdraw it you shocked that is empty when you do another attempt the same event is repeated. Are these fishes so smart or do they have good luck or just we don’t use the right materials to catch them?

In this article, I will give the right hooks that I have used to Fix this problem and what you should focus on when you get to buy a hook, so don’t let these small fishes room to escape, Their place is my basket. I will give you the strategies that you should follow in order not to fall into the same problem which I was suffering from.

I will give you some Hooks that I see have these features that I mentioned and I choose them because I use some of these and some others from my friends’s experience.

features to look out for when buying hooks for river fishing:

There are a few features to look out for when you are thinking to buy a hook, and each fish size should have a specific hook to catch it but in this article, I will show you the appropriate hook for small fishes that are found in rivers, Let us know the first feature:

  • Hook Size: the size of the hook is very important because all the fishes don’t have the same size, so If you want to catch small fishes you should choose a smaller hook that is not visible to fish when it goes down into the water, and don’t choose also the smaller one try to be medium because if it’s so smaller will not be able to pull when the curtain is raised.
  • Hook Material: There are many types of Hooks that are made from a variety of materials like steel, titanium, and carbon. You should look for a durable hook to catch the fish easily but not so durable that it may damage the mouth of the fish.
  • Hook Shape: Hooks are also different in shape as there are some hooks designed for live bait for example if you are using worms or grubs in this situation you will need to curve the shank to keep the bait in its place. And there are some hooks designed for artificial lures as they have also two types. The first one has three prongs that used if the artificial lures are hard to be able to link the fish on it, And the other type that has one prong used for the soft baits.
  • Barbs: Some hooks have small spines on the main prong to be able to fix the fish in the prong to don’t move when you catch it, but it may cause damage to the fish. so if you are catching fish for adoption, I don’t advise you for this.
  • hook color: The best hook color to me that I like to use is black or bronze, but I advise you to use the black one because fish don’t think the black hook is constitute a danger to them and because the black color looks like the rocks and debris that found in the rivers, reverse to the gold or red color as it considered from fishes danger or something like that.

What Happens If You Use The Wrong Hooks?

I will answer this question depending on my experience, as there are two scenarios that may happen if you use the wrong hooks in the wrong way.

The first thing that will happen is the fish will sting the hook and eat the bait, then it will escape from the hook easily without any effort and the second thing that may happen is the fish will eat the bait, really be hooked but after pulling the hook, its mouth will be damaged or it will be cut off and it will fall into the water, like that you will have damaged the fish without catching it.

So having a bad hook is the main reason for fish escaping. For that, you should choose a good hook that is suitable for the type of fish you want to catch.

Best Hooks for smaller fishing:

1-DONAL High Carbon Steel Fishing Hooks:

If you are looking for a hook that includes all the positive features, is durable, available in all sizes, and easy for transport to fishing in any place and any type of fish this product is perfect for you because comes in a small box made from plastic and the hooks made of high quality from carbon that makes it is durable, so we skip refraction problem and the box include all the different sizes, it’s for fishing in saltwater and freshwater.

The DONQL fishing hooks come in 10 sizes #3 to #12 to catch any type of fish, so when you are fishing many types of fish large and smaller you don’t need to buy each hook alone, this box comes in all sizes.

2-Gamakatsu Single Egg Hook:

this product is perfect for small fishes like salmon, trout, and other types of the same size because it doesn’t make any room to escape, It featured a sharp point and It has a unique design that makes it easy to catch the fish and It comes in sizes from 6 to 12 and is made from carbon.

3-Eagle Claw Trokar TK110 Aberdeen Hook:

I was using it to catch small fishes like bluegill, crappie, and sunfish, the thing that I like in this hook is the lightweight design that makes it easy to set the hook with a minimum effort In addition to the sharp point that pierces the fish’s mouth easily without suffering from you and from the fish.

4-VMC 9650 Round Bend Treble Hook:

I advised my friend also to buy this hook when he was looking for the solution for fish escape after eating the bait, it also makes him a great result after testing it, the perfect thing about the VMC hook is its lightweight design and use for freshwater, It’s perfect for smaller fishes like bass, trout, panfish.