How to Remove Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

What is the thing you use most in your kitchen? Your kitchen faucet is probably the answer. You may need to disassemble the parts of your existing kitchen faucet for some reasons. The joints, for example, May get worn out or rusty resulting in leaky faucets. Therefore, the question arises, how to remove it.

Go through the best kitchen faucet reviews. You’ll find that a single handle kitchen faucet can be of different styles. In spite of having a bit different among them, a general process applies to all types of faucets.

The general process

Step 1: First, turn off the shut-off valves under the sink to turn off the water supply. If you don’t find any or in the case they get stuck, then shut off the main supply of the house.

Step 2: Now turn the faucet handle on to relieve the remaining water in the line. Then cover the drain with a towel to prevent screws or other small rags from dropping down into the hole.

Step 3: Next, remove the aerator. In the case it’s stuck, wrap it around with a towel that is soaked in vinegar. Wait for an hour. Then gently twist it, and it’ll come out.


  • Towel
  • Allen wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Channel-lock pliers
  • Tape
  • Plumbers grease
  • Rotary ball faucet

Rotary ball faucet

Step 1: At the lower front of the faucet, you’ll find a screw. Turn it anticlockwise with the wrench till it comes off.

Step 2: Now using pliers, remove the chrome cap below the handle.

Step 3: There, you’ll see the nylon cam and plastic packing rings. As you take them off, the top of the ball will be exposed. Now remove the ball.

Step 4: Then using a small screwdriver discard the rubber seals and springs.

Step 5: Then, remove the spout and O-ring at the base.

Ceramic Disc Faucet

Step 1: First, turn the screw that holds the handle clockwise to loosen it. As the handle comes off, take off the cap then.

Step 2: Then again, unscrew the retainer nuts that retain the cartridge in its place. Now grasp the cartridge with pliers and pull it out.

Step 3: At the bottom of the cartridge, there are seals. Remove them with a screwdriver.

Cartridge type kitchen faucet

Step 1: Remove the cap first. Then take out the screw and clip.

Step 2: Next, take off the handle by turning the screw as mentioned above. Then, Remove the trim ring.

Step 3: Finally, loosen the retainer screw to pull out the old cartridge.


  • To protect the faucet parts from scratch, tape the teeth of pliers.
  • In the case of the rotary ball faucet, remove the seals and springs immediately. It’ll help to avoid confusion.
  • In case the Allen screw is covered with a decorative cap, use a screwdriver to dislodge it.
  • Remember the order in which you disassembled the faucet. It’ll help you when it’s time to reassemble it. Moreover, for future help, you can keep snaps of your work or record the whole process using a camera.

Final verdict

A single handle faucet is at greater risk of breakdown than double-handle faucets. It’s because the single lever is solely in use for changing the water from hot to cold. Isn’t it wise to repair it yourself instead of paying a plumber? For doing that you have to know how to remove the old one first. Well, removing a faucet isn’t as dreadful as it may seem to you in the first place. Collect the equipment and get down to work. And you’ll find how much it’s easy to remove a faucet.

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