How to choose a camera- Insider Tips

A burning question for all photographer at entry level, which camera should I buy? How to choose a camera from so many different ones from the market. Well, you need to ask yourself first, what type of photos are you going to take?

There are two basic types of camera in the market. Point & shoot camera and DSLR. If you just want to take photos occasionally, buy a point and shoot camera. But if you want creativity in your photos, then you should buy a DSLR camera. Now, the question is how to choose the right one I need, right? Well, let me help you decide. The following things should be considered before buying a camera.

dslr camera

Facts to Look into While Choosing A Camera

Field of use: The most important question you need to ask yourself before buying a DSLR camera is what do you need it for? What are you going to use it for? Different photography needs different kinds of camera.

Price: Your budget is obviously one of the most important things to consider before buying a DSLR camera. Set your budget for the camera. But remember, the body is not the only important part. The lens, memory card, camera bag, tripod, filters, an external flash is also important. So you must consider the price of these parts as well as the camera body.

Size and weight: Do the size and weight matters? Of course, it does. When you are shooting outdoor or traveling, a big and heavy camera will be a big problem. So try to buy a light weight camera and the one with a good gripping design.

DSLR camera

Megapixel: Most photographers says that megapixel doesn’t matter in DSLR camera. But I choose to say otherwise. The more megapixel there is, the more details you are going to get in a picture. So try to buy a higher megapixel camera.

Sensor size: The crop factor comes when talking about sensor size of the camera. Well, of course, a full frame camera is better. But you must have one? The answer is NO. But if someone asks do you need one? Then the answer is YES. It means it totally depends on you. You can shot with a camera with crop factor as like a full frame. But the basic difference is the full frame cameras are expensive. If you want you may check this list of best and cheap cameras.

Video recording: Do you need a video function on your DSLR camera? Personally, I would consider buying one with HD video function. Though most of the time you are going to do still photography. But if you somehow need to take a video shot, a camera with video option would really come in handy. And it will reduce the need for two cameras at all time.

Lens: The camera body is not only the important parts you need. Lenses are as much as important as the camera body. So check first, that your camera has a wide range of a camera.

Others: Along with other things, you, must consider these following features.

  • Burst mode: Consider buying one with burst mode option.
  • Maximum shutter speed: Most cameras has a maximum shutter speed of 1/4000 sec. Some other have 1/8000 sec. The higher the number is better. So check before buying your gear.
  • ISO rating: Try buying a camera with higher ISO rating. It goes up to 25600. But it doesn’t matter if you have 12800. It’s totally up to you.

Choose dslr camera


    1. LCD size: An optimum LCD size is good for your camera and for you to use. Try a camera with good quality and a better size LCD screen.
  • Anti-Shake option
  • Dust Protection
  • Auto and semi-auto mode
  • Connectivity
  • Flash


At the end, all I need to say is, photography is art. So don’t rush it and compromise it. Try to buy more upgrade and update able gears. Don’t go and buy something you may regret later. Take some time and do more research if you need.

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