6 Foods That Help Whitening Teeth Naturally

When you want to whiten your teeth, you will find available over the counter treatment. But, these may contain harsh chemicals that can cause harm to your teeth. So, you should try something which will whiten your teeth but will not cause any harm.

Now, I am going to tell you some foods that help whitening teeth naturally and you will find those easily at your home. Yes, you will get them at your home available and they can effectively whiten your teeth over time. So, let’s get started.


Crunchy fruits and vegetables help removing stains naturally by scrubbing away the debris, stains and bacteria from mouth. Apple is one of them. Apple contains malic acid which stimulates saliva production and cleans teeth and helps removing stains.


Carrot is one of the crunchy vegetables which also help teeth whitening. The abrasive surface of this veggie cleans surface stains of teeth. The vitamin A of carrot also helps in strengthening tooth enamel.


Strawberries are not only delicious fruit, they are also rich in various nutrients like vitamin C, manganese and antioxidants etc. They also work in teeth whitening. Strawberries contain malic acid which is a natural astringent and help in whitening teeth. They also reduce stain causing bacteria and inflammation in your mouth.

You can use strawberries by making a paste. Take 2-3 strawberries and make them a smooth paste. Apply the paste on your teeth and leave it for 2-3 minutes. Then brush your teeth as regular brushing and then rinse with normal water.


Pineapples contain vitamin C, copper, vitamin B1, B6, folate etc. This fruit also contains another important nutrient named Bromelain. Bromelain can help removing stains on teeth and prevent teeth discoloration. It is also used in many teeth whitening toothpastes also. So, try to take this juicy fruit to get whiter teeth.

Orange and Lemon

Citrus fruits like orange and lemon contain large amount of vitamin C and their acidic nature induces saliva production which helps in whitening teeth naturally. But, do not apply the lemon juice directly on teeth as it is too much acidic and can damage your teeth. You can also apply orange peel to whiten your teeth. Peel off the orange. Then, take a peel and rub the white part of the peel on your teeth. Leave it for 2-3 minutes. Then rinse with normal water.


Cheese contains calcium and phosphorus which helps in strengthening teeth. Besides, cheese and milk and yogurt also contain lactic acid which helps to dissolve the surface satins of teeth and makes teeth brighter. So, if you want to keep your teeth strong and bright include cheese or milk or yogurt in your regular diet.


You can use all of these natural home remedies to whiten your teeth. But, we know that, prevention is better than cure. Once teeth become yellow or discolored these are difficult to whiten. So, you should proper care of your teeth before yellowing and also avoid those foods that can make teeth yellow. Learn more from this website.

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